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Lisa and Ricky, Alys Beach residents, are inspired by lush tropical foliage, Morocco, and bold patterns. This Alys Beach home is sure to inspire. While designing this homes natural elements we carefully curated containers and plants that would make the space come to life.

This Bay Front Estate is home to Storey and her family. Where they enjoy their outdoor spaces daily. While designing this unique homes container and landscape design it was important to blend with the surrounding foliage. Keeping natural tones and subtle containers. When you arrive here you feel right at home.

30-A is home to many second homes. This home in particular is nestled in Old Seagrove. These homeowners have been residents to 30-A for 30 years and counting. We had the pleasure of leaving our mark throughout their garden beds and container design. 


Biophilic Design is the practice of bringing the outside in. We consider the environment around us and mirror it into your living spaces. We enhance your spaces with Container and Landscape Design. Our design services are accompanied by installation and maintenance. At Loft & Leaf our main focus is bringing you and your space back to nature!

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