Welcome to Loft & Leaf, I’m so happy you’re here. My name is Kendra the designer and creator of Loft & Leaf. I started my journey with plants two years ago I followed a feeling to take a chance at a local nursery with no prior experience, other than a few house plants of my own. There is where I found my love for container arrangements and design. I started Loft & Leaf on a whim based on a silly spell of inspiration one rainy day just me, plants, and a seashell. The purpose of Loft & Leaf, and my personal mission is to bring people back to nature. A small and simple way to do this is to introduce plants into our living spaces. If we can see the beauty they create in our homes we can see the beauty they bring to every space. With a deeper understanding and gratitude towards mother nature it will be a natural transition into treating her better. These arrangements have a piece of my heart in them they have taught me patience and acceptance with myself. We are our toughest critics and when you turn your creativity over and let go of yourself and just go where your mind takes you so much is possible. The support from my friends and family and you comes with so much gratitude! Thank you all for your support!

-With love & succulents from Loft & Leaf